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A next-generation web application designed for the online marketing of apartment communities.

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Update Content Once

Let's face it, having up-to-date listings is crucial, but how do you find time to go site-to-site, remember your log-in, update your community information and track which sites have been updated and when? PropertyLinkOnline provides you with one central console to edit and update all your communities' information and manage where it gets updated.


Distribute Everywhere

Spending your valuable time going from website to website just isn’t effective in today's fast paced environment. PropertyLinkOnline allows you to send data to any and all marketing sources and control it easily with just a few clicks.


Access Anytime

Because PropertyLinkOnline is a web based tool, you always have access to exactly what data has been sent to your marketing sources and exactly when it was sent. You have several different user-friendly portfolio views which can guide you through what data has transacted with your marketing channels.